Sky digital TV provides digital home entertainment to millions of homes throughout the UK. There are many options available such as Sky Freesat, Sky+, Sky HD and a broad range of digital channel packages tailored to your interests and budget.

Sky Digital also brings Interactive TV, which allows you, the viewer, to interact with your Sky digital system to take part in a TV programme, play games, make purchases and even send text messages and emails, all through your television set.

Sky+ Satellite TV

You can pause, rewind and play live TV, ensuring you never miss a minute! Furthermore, it gives you the flexibility to plan your television viewing and record your favourite TV shows, even whilst watching a separate Sky Digital channel.

Sky HD

With four times greater picture clarity, sharper, more vibrant colour & images and many digital HD programmes with surround sound. To receive Sky HD you must have a Sky HD receiver box and HD compatible digital television.

Sky Repairs

If you are experiencing loss of signal, picture quality, or blocky/freezing images on your digital television system via Sky, Mercury can provide a prompt and professional ‘Sky Repair’ service to ensure your Sky TV satellite service is working at its optimum efficiency.

Mercury will also test the digital signal being received at the Sky satellite receiver in each room of your home, to ensure there are no breakages in the cabling, or faulty connections. We provide a prompt Sky Repair satellite diagnostic service, and can have your Sky satellite system rectified within hours of your telephone call!

For further information on any of the above Sky TV systems and options available, or to discuss further and arrange a Site Survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mercury are Sky Authorised Agents, can pass on the fantastic offers and savings from Sky and could have your system installed and ready to receive Sky within hours of your telephone call!